Hawaii- Big Island

It’s on many bucket list’s for people around the world, I can understand why now. Beautiful islands, perfect beaches, tons of colorful flora and fauna, etc.

The Big island is tragically beautiful. A big ranch, you’ll see horses, plantations, mangoes and papayas hanging from the trees next to the highway, and all of a sudden, a black patch of nothingness, abandoned cars from 50 years ago, with foliage coming out their windows, and an Asian cemetery here and there. These patches are lava paths that made their way to the beach not even 50 years ago. They are also what make the black sand at black sand beach.

If you dare to go up the mountain to the observatory, you need to prepare like you are going to Mount Everest, it is about 50 degrees during the height of day, and drops as is getting later. You need a 4 x 4  car to make it to the top and a permit if you are planing to hike it. I tried it on a full moon day and the visitor center was crazy busy.

Downtown Hilo is a town that got stuck in the 50’s, and they have a park, which used to be a queen’s garden. Lovely Japanese landscaping at this park, I wonder how it would be back in the day to have the privilege of roaming the garden exclusively.

And then of course there is the lava watching when it hits the water, since the volcano is still active. You hear stories of Pele (goddess of the volcano) dancing in the fire, and call me crazy but I think she shows on the pictures.

I didn’t get to see the turtles on sand, just one playing in the water, and it was too fast for me to take a picture of it.

Landscape photography is a lot about figuring out the right time and right place, which I didn’t have much of a chance to plan for, so there are many pictures of detail that I loved exploring along the way, and too little of all the beautiful landscape of the island. Maybe next time.

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