The bees are back……….With a vengeance!

It appears we got good reviews withing the bees social media for the hotel. This time one given morning there were two different bee swarms staying right outside the window. One bigger than the other


And of course I was out there as soon as I could, taking pictures with the longest lens I have; trying to take some different shots from last time.


Then yesterday while eating breakfast, out the window you could see a bunch of bees flying around in these crazy patters; there were bees everywhere, it was the most beautiful and terrifying scene I’ve lived, add to that the buzzing sound they make.  And what do you do in a moment like this?



What did you think I did?

Do you see all those dots in the sky, and on the white? It is not dust, no, those are all bees. Here I thought they were leaving, they had found their more permanent home, but the hives were not looking any smaller, or thinner, how could that be?

Once they calmed down, I braved going outside, some of them flew really near to my ear. And what do I find? the bees were not going crazy, no one had disturbed them, they were not leaving either, no sir, some other beehives found there was some vacancy and decided to stay.


Indeed our hotel is getting famous in the bee social circles. Must bee some good honey in that tree.

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