Bokeh holidays

Just a few pictures I’ve taken with the 35mm lens playing with the shallow depth of field to get the lovely circular lights.

DSC_0119Hand holding your camera at night is almost a recipe for failure,  luckily for me, this nutcracker was very well lit, you can see by the highlights there are several light sources, and the focus is on his nose-mustache area, foe everything else is slightly out of focus. The tree lights though, lo-vely ♪ lo-vely♪


Night photography is an art on it’s own, focusing is almost mission impossible with auto-focus, and manual focus is almost done blindly, not to mention that the aperture and/or speed priority settings expose either too bright which will overexpose the lights and the rest of the scene looks like it is daylight (making for ever to capture); or too dark, which exposes for the lights  and the rest of the scene is black. It takes a lot of practice to get a decent picture.


And finally, of course some portraits, focusing, hand holding the camera shallow depth of field and a toddler/ baby? Let’s just say it was a challenge; one that i’ll revisit again and again.

I just realize this is my last post for this year, I’ve been planing to start a 52 project, so hopefully this 2014 will have more photographic adventures, and as a result more posts; and better, more interesting stories and pictures.

Happy New Year!

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