The Hotel in my front window

So, there is a tree that grew about 12″ from my front window, it is a beautiful tree, with lots and lots of pink flowers all year round. The thing is it has become a hotel for bees. Why do i say that? they come, a full on swarm, they stay for a few days, take naps, feed of the flowers, make some noise and then they are gone. They don’t have a time to check in or to check out. There is no way for me to know if it is the same swarm of bees or different ones. And what makes it even more interesting is that they are within arm distance, I could touch them if i had the guts to do so.

Fortunately,  I have a lens long enough to keep a safe distance, but get really close pictures; downside of it, there is always branches on the way. I almost felt like a safari photographer trying to catch lions… had to keep my cool, breathe deeply and exhale, if one of them flew by me I would stay still (try not to freak out would be more accurate) and managed to get a few cool shots.Bees1 Bees2 Bees3 Bees4


Have you ever had this encounter up close with bees?

Or any other really scary photography subject?

4 thoughts on “The Hotel in my front window

  1. Que impactante ver tantas abejas juntas y tan cerca, está la foto increible!!!Felicitaciones por tu blog,en horabuena!

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